Tuesday, February 26, 2013

As you can see, in just a few days my seeds have started to sprout!  So far, though, only the allysum and the chamomile have come up.  Both plants have tiny seeds so it doesn't take long for germination to occur.  The other plants have thicker seeds so it takes a while for them to break down and for germination to occur.  Having learned this, I think next time I will soak the thicker seeds in water overnight, as is recommended, and possibly even lightly score them with sandpaper to break through their dense outer layer.  Can you tell I'm not too patient when it comes to gardening?  But I'm very excited about my little seedlings!   Also, I found out you can buy replacement plugs on the internet for the styrofoam seed starter, so I might do that.  This is good news since some of the seeds might be ready for transplanting before others have even sprouted.  That way I can fill in the holes with new plugs and new seeds and keep on with my gardening endeavors.  So exciting!!  I'll keep you updated.  Happy Gardening!

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