Sunday, March 3, 2013

 Here are some photos from this weekend's trip to Philadelphia.  It was great fun!  We went to Independence Hall on Friday (never been there - that's where the Declaration of Independence was signed, for all you non-history buffs).  Then on Saturday, we attended the Philadelphia Flower Show, the world's LARGEST indoor flower show! The photo on the left shows the bell tower of Independence Hall.  The photo below is the room in which the Declaration was signed. 

 Here are my adorable parents, standing in front of the REAL Liberty Bell!!!
 Entrance to the Flower show.  This year's theme: England
 These flowers - English Daisies - were found throughout the show.  I fell in love with them.  Apparently they bloom in early spring and prefer the colder weather.  I think they die back when it starts getting warm.  But according to the internet, they're supposed to be perennials.  I might try growing some.  They would be really cute in a fairy garden, I think! 

 Witch Hazel.  Love it! 

 This was an actual person (the "statue" just to the left of the tree trunk).  She moved every few minutes.  Crazy!

 Delphiniums.  A must in any English cottage garden.  I was disappointed to find out they don't do well in hot weather, which rules them out for my garden.  * sigh *.  They do have to be staked, though, as you can see from this photo. 

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