Sunday, March 24, 2013

Faerie Garden!

Today I attended Homestead Garden's "How to Make a Fairy Garden" Workshop.  There was no instruction, but materials were supplied for us to make our own garden.  It was lots of fun and I definitely feel like I got my money's worth.  We were allotted 5 plants (I chose smaller ones because I love the miniature plants) and 2 (painted resin) garden ornaments (I chose a mushroom and a gnome).  Since I chose smaller plants, I wasn't quite satisfied with the result.  So when I got home, I went to for a walk in the woods and "harvested" some moss which I planted in my faerie garden (faerie is so much more romantic than fairy, don't you think?).  Take a look!

Here are some of the other peoples' faerie gardens:

 A pathway to an adarondack chair seemed a popular motif.  See the fairy in the corner?  I mean, faerie?

 Another chair.  I think I might be the only one who didn't use a chair in her motif.  I just can't see a fairie or gnome or wood nymph sitting in such a modern creation.  I see them more sitting on a tree stump or a clump of moss or something.

 Yup.  Another chair.

 And another.

 Chair and mushroom.

 I kind of wish I had this in my garden.  It looks so relaxing! Too bad I'm not fairy-size.  I wonder if faeries knit? Maybe they use cobwebs to make gossamer-thin gowns for themselves.  There's a romantic idea.

 This one looks pretty relaxing, too!  The fairy is hiding behind the plant.

 Here's mine with the moss added:

 Top down view (fairy's view?)  See the cute little mushroom on the left?

 Isn't this guy so cute?  He looks like he's up to something...

 That's why he's hiding behind that fern, I think

Yup, definitely up to something.

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