Sunday, March 3, 2013

even more pics from Philadelphia Flower show

 Since reading one of M.C. Beaton's Agatha Raisin books in which a rockery was mentioned, I have wondered exactly what a rockery is.  Well, apparently, it's this.  A bunch of rocks with flowers about. 

 Moss and some woodland plants.  This is the stuff fairy tales are made of! 

 This was at a place that was selling miniature plants and baubles to decorate fairy gardens.  I took a bunch of pics to give me ideas for when I start to do mine. 
 These are all mini-plants for fairy gardens.  * sigh *.  Fortunately, I had restraint and bought none of them. In fact, the only thing I did buy @ the show were 5 pelargoniums, also called "scented geraniums".  The scents I got were lemon, lime, nutmeg, rose and chocolate mint. I have culinary uses in mind for them, but that's fodder for another blog! m
 Miniature bougenvillea  (or however you spell it). I have been in love with this plant since I was 18 and went to Mexico for the first time. 

 Stock, a fragrant flower.  It's an annual, though, so I probably won't mess with planting any.  My parents said they might try to plant some.  If they have success with theirs, then I might consider it.  Apparently the double flowers, (shown here) are sterile, so you can't collect their seeds and plant them, and of course they won't re-seed themselves.  So perhaps this a plant best left to the florist. 

 Plumeria.  Tropical, fragrant plant.  They were selling these stick-like things which I guess you just stick in the ground and then they grow into these plants.  crazy! 

Next picture: Hanging gardens!  I found two of these thingies at a consignment shop about a month ago and bought them (for a fraction of what they were selling for at the show, believe me!).  Apparently there's lots of plants that will root in water, but once the roots have been placed in soil, you can't uproot them and place them in water.  So you have to use leaf cuttings and then let them develop roots in the water.  I plan to put some ivy in mine and hang them under our deck.  so pretty!

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