Saturday, March 30, 2013

Toad House

For all you Mario aficionados out there, this is a different kind of toad house.  This is a real "house" (actually a terra cotta pot turned on its side) for real toads.  It's good to encourage their presence in your garden as they eat insects and other garden pests.  So here's mine!

I painted it by hand.  I bought the pot and basin and some outdoor paints @ Micheals.  The basin will fill with water and then the toads can drink from it or frolic in it or whatever toads do in water. :).  I will nestle the pot into the dirt a bit so it doesn't roll around and put a bit of dirt on the bottom - just a bit - to keep it in place.  It will be a cool resting spot in my garden for my toad and froggie friends!  YAY! :)

ps this link was my inspiration:

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