Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Faerie Garden Bird Houses

I started a project last week (SPRING BREAK!) of painting bird houses to look like cute little fairy gardens.  The first two that I did are at my dad's house waiting to have their posts installed so that I can stand them up in the garden.  The third one, however, I just finished.  I am going to call it "Watermelon Cottage".  What do you think?

Here are side and back views and a close up of the front.  Note the faux grass/flowers I painted around the base.  They are meant to emulate English Daisies.

Also, I just remembered the last birdhouse of this style I made, I surrounded the bird hole up top with buttons as well.  But now I can't decide which color scheme to use... what do you think?

(A) Not sure about adding yellow :(

 (B) This green looks a little washed out

(C) I like how the dark green buttons are somewhat reminiscent of watermelon seeds, but they seem a bit on the large size..

(D) Pink and green varied buttons.

Vote now, vote often, and help me decide!

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