Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Consignment Shops, My Wallet's Best Friend!

Hello, friends! I want to share with you one secret to my decorating success: consignment shopping! It's kind of like yard sales for people who are too lazy to be up and about before noon (such as myself). I have a list of several places that I frequent:

Every Second Counts in Bowie, MD (this is their facebook page)

Second Wind in Deale, MD

Spice in West River, MD (their address is: 5504 Muddy Creek Rd West River, MD 20778-2221 ph. 410-867-9777; at present they do not have a website)

Cottage Chicks in Deale, MD (this store is a bit pricier than the others, but I have found some fun stuff here as well!)

Days of Olde Antiques in Gambrills, MD (710 State Route 3 N Gambrills, MD 21054 ph. 410-987-0397; at present they do not have a website)

I have also had a good bit of luck shopping at the following non-consignment stores for decorations and house stuff:

HomeGoods in Crofton, MD

TJMaxx in Bowie, MD

Believe it or not, TJ Maxx has a fun, eclectic selection of decorations in the back of the store, and the prices are usually good, especially if you shop the "discount" aisle, or if you buy off-season (i.e. purchase summer decorations in September, or winter decorations in spring, when the store is trying to unload old merchandise to make room for the new stuff). This is another secret to my success - buying off-season. It works with decorations as well clothing! A great way to be gentle on your bank account but still get what you want, even if you might have to wait a bit to use it. Don't worry, it will keep, and in the mean time, you'll have saved $$$!

Do you have your own favorite stores for finding furniture and nick-knacks? Tell me in the comments!

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