Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Seasonal Displays

I'm not too big on holiday decorating. For Christmas, Tim and I put up a tree, and that's about it. The rest of the holidays don't even get that much decoration. But lately I have found a type of decorating I can get on board with: seasonal decorating! And what better season to start with than autumn, my favorite season of all?

So far, my decoration has been confined to my foyer shelf and my dining room. Here are some pictures; tell me what you think in the comments!

LEFT: Many elements of this display were purchased at consignment shops. The wicker hearts, the ceramic bird, the two watering cans, wooden planter, the ivy (artificial) and the scarecrow "Welcome" sign were found at Spice; the basket with the miniature apples (basket only, apples purchased separately), the stick and apple spray at the top of the shelf were purchased at Second Wind. I made the mushroom/butterfly miniatures from supplies found at Michael's crafts.

RIGHT: I purchased those four decorative plates you see for $6 (total, not individually!). The basket was also a consignment purchase, don't remember how much but I'm guessing around $5.00? The placemats and napkins were a set purchased at HomeGoods, as was the tablecloth. The mini apples were purchased at Michael's and were leftover from the basket on the shelf.

Giant of Bowie (on 450) is selling miniature pumpkins and gourds - 3 for $2! So for a mere $8.00, I got 12 assorted gourds as well as white pumpkins and orange pumpkins. I love decorating with materials from nature. After all, celebrating the seasons is really celebrating nature! Plus, the pumpkins and gourds do not rot (at least not in my experience). When it's time to decorate for Christmas, they look exactly the same as when I purchased them, and I feel rather guilty having to throw them away :(. Plus I feel sad that I have to wait a whole year for my favorite season. Oh yeah, and the bowl they are in? Another consignment shop find - Every Second Counts, $5 (or was it $3? Can't remember).

Tell me in the comments: What's your favorite season? What are some tips you have for decorating for it?

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